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“Orville The Bumble Bee Who Didn’t Believe He Could Fly”

Illustrated book cover of Orville the bumblebee

Written by Don Haselrig
Illustrated by Judy Emerick
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Learn… Dream… Grow… three words that guide storytelling at Learn Dream Grow Books.

With our first publication, ‘Orville The Bumble-Bee Who Didn’t Believe He Could Fly’, we begin a journey that presents children with an endearing character whose stories nurture personal discovery and self-confidence through the joy of reading.

Our story features Orville, a young bumble bee venturing out for the first time to undertake his very important work taking nature’s pollen from flower to flower. But Orville, like many of us, faces his new challenge with uncertainty and self doubt. Compared to so many other amazing winged creatures, his wings are so small he doesn’t believe he can fly to accomplish his tasks. Through his journey, Orville must consider important lessons from new friends he encounters. Most of all, he must learn to believe in himself… to discover his potential, and his unique gifts and abilities.

Learn… Dream… Grow…

These three verbs convey the guiding principals of our new children’s book series. Through words and illustrations, storytelling engages children in a relationship to the story’s character, and natural empathy experiencing the character’s dilemma, hope and challenges. This engagement fosters understanding for story events, the character’s interactions and discoveries, and ultimately a child’s understanding of self and their associative relationships, all empowering them to learn, dream and grow.

A Child’s Introduction to Pollinators:
Orville The Bumble Bee supports The Pollinator Partnership.

Along with his appeal to teach children about self-discovery and confidence, Orville is a character throughout the Orville book series who can provide our children with a very important introduction in life; the value of bees and the subject of pollination. Lean Dream Grow Children’s Books, through Orville and his stories, can help establish an awareness of how bees are so important to nature, our life and food supply. This is not by coincidence. Our storytelling begins with caring for self, but extends to caring for others and the world around us to “learn, dream, grow”.

To support Learn Dream Grow’s commitment to our environment, with every sale in the “Orville The Bumble Bee” book series, 5% of net proceeds will be donated to the Pollinator Partnership, working to protect pollinators and their habitat with projects all over the North America and globally. The Pollinator Partnership helps people protect pollinators to ensure healthy ecosystems and food security. Their mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research. Signature initiatives include the NAPPC (North American Pollinator Protection Campaign), National Pollinator Week, and the Ecoregional Planting Guides. Learn More at:  http://pollinator.org

Don HaselrigThey challenge us. They inspire us. They enrich our lives.

As parents, teachers, coaches and mentors, we are filled with wonder. Our children surprise and amaze us. Their enthusiasm for life seems boundless, and their intuitive desire to learn and love is perhaps the best conviction for a life worth living, and of our responsibility.

In a world so wrought with division, our children remind us of the most consummate values we share challenging us to be the best version of ourselves. And nothing could be more important.
We are the guardians of their future, guiding and preparing the children we love to lead healthy, successful lives. We want to nurture the values, knowledge and experience we believe will guide their choices for happiness. We hope to enrich their ability to learn, dream and grow, ultimately assuring they will be ready to meet future opportunity or potential crisis with ability, confidence, and discernment. For the love of our children, that is our hope and our mission.

Give children a character they will love
and a story that inspires discovery,
and you give children a way to…

LEARN compassion, self-esteem and confidence.
DREAM new possibilities, interests and potential.
GROW in relationships, understanding and purpose.

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With every sale in the “Orville The Bumble Bee” book series, Learn Dream Grow Books will donate 5% of net proceeds to the Pollinator Partnership.

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